The Art of Masterful Manifestation

with Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman

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An opportunity to change the rest of your life.

  • Do you have a dream or vision for your life that you’d like to manifest?
  • Are you clear about what you want but don’t know how to bring it into the world?
  • Do you wonder why affirmations and the Law of Attraction haven’t brought you what you’ve been affirming?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to learn a practical program you can use for the rest of your life?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, learn how to become a Master Manifestor.

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The Art of Creation is a practical step-by-step process you can learn to create the life you want, the things you want, and the relationships you want – on purpose and in harmony with who you are.


We call it Creating On Purpose.
We wrote the book on it, which readers have called “miraculous!”
Now we’ve created an online course that guides you through the process, one step at a time.
When you register for the program, you’ll get a copy of this amazing book as our gift.

We taught this program as an in-person workshop for many years in growth centers around the world. It’s now an online program you can study at your convenience, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

More than 1,000 people have taken this program and received great benefits – ranging from outright miracles to simply making their life (and ability to manifest) easier.

What will YOU create when you become a Master Manifestor?

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Meet Your Teachers

Anodea Judith, PhD and Lion Goodman, PCC, are co-authors of the life-changing book, Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting through the Chakras. They co-created this course based on the workshops they taught in person around the world.  

Anodea’s Manifestation Story

Anodea Judith, PhD has manifested a life as a globally recognized teacher, speaker, healer, and writer on the intersection of personal and collective awakening. She holds Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and Health and has published nearly a dozen books, including the best-sellers Wheels of Life, and  Eastern Body, Western Mind,  and with Lion Goodman, Creating on Purpose. She is a globally recognized teacher, coach, and therapist helping others realize their potential, with a lifelong passion for humanity’s awakening.

Her award-winning books have gained worldwide recognition with well over a million books in print in 28 languages and her courses have reached over 163 countries. She has trained thousands of therapists, yoga teachers and spiritual leaders with her transformational technologies. In her copious free time, she is a musician, artist, poet, gardener, priestess, mother, and grandmother. 

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Lion’s Manifestation Story

Lion Goodman, PCC, is a Professional Certified Coach and founder of the Clear Beliefs Institute of trauma-informed therapeutic coaching, with more than 500 graduates in 45 countries.

He has been a student of psychology, philosophy, linguistics, neurophysiology, and spirituality from an early age. He holds a B.A. in Consciousness Studies from the University of Colorado, granted in 1975 – one of the first degrees ever granted in that field.

In addition to co-authoring Creating On Purpose, he co-authored Transforming Trauma and The Heart of Healing. His ebooks include Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs, Menlightenment, Clear Your Beliefs, and The Narcissism Primer. He has published more than 100 internationally. He is a transformational coach and healer to executives, coaches, healers and therapists.

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About The Course

The Art of Masterful Manifestation brings everything from our popular live workshop into your own home and schedule. It’s packed with information and practices that will turn you into a Master Manifestor.

You’ll get 30 instructional videos that will guide you through physical, mental, and emotional exercises and guided meditations. You’ll also get more than a dozen personal assignments that put the power to create on purpose in your own hands.

This is a practical step-by-step master plan for bringing your ideas into reality. It contains everything you need to know to take the downward journey through the chakras from conception to completion.

You’ll begin in the crown chakra with your ideas, and as you move down through each chakra, you’ll identify and bust through the blocks and beliefs that have stood in your way until you complete and fully manifest your goals.

Once you learn the steps, you can apply them to anything you want to manifest – whether it’s a better job, relationship, body, or a better world.

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We all have a lot of dreams – but how do you manifest them into reality? 

There are many differences between Dreamers and Master Manifestors: 

Master Manifestors:

  • Have a clearly defined dream or goal they think about and take action on every day.
  • Use a step-by-step process that breaks down their goals into actions they can easily handle – even with a busy life.
  • Regularly clear the limiting beliefs that could undermine their success.
  • Study the wisdom and thoughts of others who have already walked the path.
  • Share their vision with others and enroll them in supporting the process of manifestation.
During this mastery course, you will focus your attention on ONE of your most important dreams.
You will follow a well-planned path in the direction of your dream.
You will move forward, step by step, taking actions that get you closer and closer to your goal.
You will not only accomplish your goal – you will master the process of creation – which you can use to manifest your next dream, and the next goal, and the life you’ve always wanted.
You will have the technology that turns any vision into a reality.
You will become a Master Manifestor.

One of our favorite sayings is: “Creation is ecstasy! But the blocks are a real pain.”

That’s why we show you methods for clearing whatever is in your way: limiting beliefs, negative inner voices, childhood wounds, resistance, or bad programming from family members.

When you learn how to clear each chakra from the interference patterns you’ve lived with your whole life, manifestation becomes a natural, flowing process. The process works – and creation proceeds with more ease and grace.

How do you become a Master Manifestor? It’s the same as mastering any skill. You begin as a novice; then you become an apprentice. With practice and guidance from Masters, you become a journeyman.

Over time, your knowledge turns to wisdom, and you become a master of your craft. Then you mentor others. The “craft” in this case is manifestation – bringing your thoughts and dreams into physical and social reality. Take the required steps to create the life you want – with clarity, intention, and in harmony with your higher wisdom.

That’s what it means to Create on Purpose.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to manifest any dream you have in any area of your life, one step at a time.
  • How to clear the blocks, barriers and resistance at each chakra level.
  • A complete tool-set for creating the life you want and changing the world!
  • How to keep your intention focused long enough to complete what you begin.
  • How to enroll others to support and co-create with you.
  • How to make life more fun and pleasurable.
  • Effective communication with others – including with your inner selves!

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For Only $345

Module One

Welcome to the Course

Your journey begins with an animated poem about creation itself, read by the authors, Anodea and Lion.

You’ll meet your guides and hear their stories about becoming Master Manifestors, and they will give you a guided tour of the whole course from start to finish – and from idea to reality!

Module Two

The Downward Path of Manifestation

Manifesting through the Chakras
This video gives you an overview of the course and shows you how taking the basic map of the chakras from the top down gives you a step by step plan for manifesting a life of your dreams.

Overview of the Chakras
If you’re not intimately familiar with the chakra system, this is a wonderful introduction to this ancient energetic mapping system.

Building the Skills of Manifestation
We all begin at the beginning. How do we build any skill? How do we learn to manifest a reality?

The 3 Universes
Important distinctions about our multidimensional universe, and how each universe has its own unique principles of creation.

Manifestation Meditation
Guided meditation with music and images for the top down journey through the chakras.

Module Three

Chakra 7: Consciousness Creates

Consciousness Creates
We begin the journey in the seventh chakra. This overview shows you how to connect with spirit to reach for your highest aspirations, and explores the roles played by meditation, intentions, beliefs, and ideas.

The Magic of Beliefs – and Your Own Consciousness
You’ve probably heard that “our beliefs create our reality.” In this deep inside view, you’ll learn exactly how this happens, and why we need to clear our interfering beliefs before we can manifest anything.

The Creation Cycle
Everything goes through a cycle of creation, existence, and dissolution. Learn how to use this esoteric understanding and why you might be getting hung up or blocked in creating what you want.

Intention Declaration Exercise
A potent exercise that will help you clarify your intentions and clear obstacles out of the way.

Module Four

Chakra 6: Vision Vitalizes

Vision Vitalizes
Learn about the sixth chakra and the role that imagination plays in creating the template for your dreams. Discover how your life purpose helps you find your vision, and begins to direct life into your vision blueprint.

Clarify Your Life’s Purpose
Discover and clarify your life purpose so you can create what you want, and have the universe at your back.

Guided Meditations!

Life Purpose Timeline Meditation
Discover the elements of your life purpose that have been operating in your past, and the role it will play in your future.

A Typical Day Meditation
Develop your powers of imagination by observing yourself going through a typical day.

Module Five

Chakra 5: Conversation Catalyzes 

Conversation Catalyzes
In the fifth chakra, learn how communication condenses your ideas when you share them with others. Discover the power of story, how to hone your soundbites, and write a proposal to Spirit that spells out everything you need.

7 Voices Exercise
This potent exercise will help you clear out those negative voices that undermine your confidence and progress.

Module Six

Chakra 4: Love Launches

Love Launches
The fourth chakra’s influence is in the realm of love and relationship. Bring your heart into your dream by enhancing your connections with others, creating a dream team, and honing your dream so that it serves others.

Relationship and Networking
Learn about how your early childhood attachment patterns affect your relationships, and get tips for networking to multiply your forward progress.

Guided Meditation:

Celestial Wishing Tree
Learn the secret of the sub-lotus within the heart chakra that brings about your heart’s desire.

Module Seven

Chakra 3: Power Produces

Power Produces
The third chakra represents your power to produce results. Learn how your Will gets hijacked, distracting you from working toward your goals and what you can do about it.

Aspects of Power: Creating vs. Accepting
Learn about the many forms of power, and how your personal power can be enhanced to serve others.

Third Chakra Bioenergetic Exercises
Ignite your third chakra with these simple but powerful energizing exercises.

Module Eight

Chakra 2: Pleasure Pleases 

Pleasure Pleases
Don’t forget pleasure! This lesson brings you into the flow by helping you distinguish between wants and needs, and opening your life to the flow of fun.

Module Nine

Chakra 1: Matter Matters 

Matter Matters
The first chakra anchors everything you’ve been learning and doing. You’ll create and fulfill your commitments, and work with the principles of money and abundance.

Completing Incomplete Cycles
Completion is the key to having what you want! Prioritize your many commitments, follow through to the end, and see how they fulfill the building blocks of your dreams.

Meditation: Havingness Visualization
How to increase your ability to “have” your dream in 7 different areas of your life.

Bioenergetic Grounding Exercise
Learn a dynamic physical exercise you can do anytime to become more grounded and connected to the earth.

Module Ten

Conclusion and Celebration

You did it! Now it’s time to celebrate. Acknowledge what you’ve accomplished using this step-by-step structure for success. Now you can use this chakra-based template for anything you want to manifest. What’s your next goal, dream or vision?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?

A: It’s a great way to engage with professional teachers from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer. You will be using the Learnworlds Learning Management System, and will follow the step-by-step process of reading, watching videos, and following guided meditations as quickly – or slowly – as you wish. There are also specific exercises to do that will take you MUCH further toward manifesting your goal than merely reading or watching videos. Consider this a Workbook that guides you, one step at a time, toward the life you want to live. It’s Action that takes you there – not just good ideas and concepts.

In addition to excellent information and guidance that you’ll receive from the course, you can opt to add Masterful Manifestation Coaching to your program. Our expert Certified Coaches understand Manifestation inside and out, and they will guide you precisely, approximately weekly, for 8 one-hour sessions. You’ll be able to ask questions immediately, deepen your exploration of the course themes, and get direct guidance to clear out blocks and barriers that have been preventing you from manifesting what you want.

We’ve seen that adding coaching to your program enhances your learning, your accountability, and your actions that you take to accomplish your goals. You can do it yourself, but if you’re like most of us, other things will become more important, and the program you’ve paid for sits in your computer, unused. If you REALLY want to become a Master Manifester, get the help you need to make it all the way to your goals.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: You may download the course documents to your own computer and print them out. The videos are not downloadable, but you can watch them again and again as long as the Internet is functioning. They are on a secure server and they will be available to you any time.

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: We offer a limited number of partial scholarships each year, giving preference to veterans, those in developing countries, and to those who are doing important but underpaid work. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please send a written request to with a description of your circumstances. We rarely offer full scholarships, so please let us know the amount you can reasonable pay (please stretch your offer to get access to this program, which will help you manifest more abundance in your life).

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Your satisfaction with this course is our highest priority! If you find within 15 days of purchase that the course is not meeting your needs, or the process is simply not working for you, please send a description of your concern to If we cannot address your concerns and make it work for you, we offer a pro-rata refund based on the material you studied or downloaded. Coaching services that have been used are not refundable. No refunds are available after 15 days from your date of purchase.

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?

A: Please send an email to We’ll get back to you within 72 hours (longer over weekends).

Q: What is your Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Policy?

A: We take your privacy very seriously. Your name and email are never shared with any other organization or person. We add your name and email to our customer database, and periodically send you newsletters and announcements with information about our programs and products. This includes two collections: Anodea’s Chakra programs and Lion’ Belief Clearing programs. Our brands include,,, and

You may unsubscribe anytime you wish. Unsubscribing will opt you out of the email list you receive. You will continue to get other communications from our other brands, so you have to unsubscribe to each list separately. If you unsubscribe, you will not hear about our other learning opportunities and programs, so we will be sorry to see you go!

All information that you provide to your Manifestation Mastery Coach will be held in strictest confidence, and will never be shared with anyone, with the one exception being that your Coach may communicate and consult with Lion Goodman, PCC for his support, and for quality control purposes. He holds all personal information in the strictest of confidence, as well.

Will there be any live sessions with the instructors?

Anodea and Lion plan to offer monthly Q & A calls for registered students only. Once you purchase the course, you will be notified by email when these will occur.